Dmitry Grishchenko

I'm second year PhD student in Université Grenoble Alpes


Research Topics:
Nonsmooth Optimization
Asynchronous Algorithms
Sparse Methods

In free time I like to solve Puzzles and Sudoku

Full CV in English is available here

I was born in Moscow.
From young years I found different mathematical and logical problems very interesting.
After graduation from the Math Department of HSE, I enrolled in the master's program MMOS where I found for myself

Convex Optimization.

since 2017

PhD student, UGA, Grenoble
Research topic: Distibuted Optimization for Large-Scale Learning
Research teams: DAO team of LJK and AMA team of LIG
Supervisors: F. IUTZELER (DAO), J. MALICK (head of DAO)
M.-R. AMINI (head of AMA)


Altium, Moscow
Software Developer
Language: C++


MMOS, HSE, Moscow
Master of Mathematics
Thesis: Minimal Mutual Information Model Problem
Supervisor: Alexander Gasnikov


Mathematical Department, HSE, Moscow
Bachelor of Mathematics
Thesis: Lattices, Sphere Packing and Number Theory
Supervisor: Alexey Zykin
I work on algorithms for large-scale problems more precisely for Machine Learning applications.
Distributed asynchronous algorithms and different sparse modifications of already known ones are especially interesting for me.

December 2018

Asynchronous Distributed Learning with Sparse Communications and Identification
Dmitry Grishchenko, Franck Iutzeler, Jérôme Malick, Massih-Reza Amini

July 2018

ISMP 2018
Randomized Proximal Algorithm with Automatic Dimension Reduction

June 2018

Grenoble Optimization Days 2018
Randomized Proximal Algorithm with Automatic Dimension Reduction

March 2018

Journées SMAI-MODE 2018

Distributed Optimization with Sparse Communications

June 2017

Presented: NeurIPS 2018 workshop PPML'18
Privacy Preserving Randomized Gossip Algorithms
Filip Hanzely, Jakub Konečný, Nicolas Loizou, Peter Richtárik and Dmitry Grishchenko

November 2016

Conference of MIPT 59

Solving of Minimal Mutual Information Model Problem via Regularization of Dual Problem and Using Ellipsoid Method with Inexact Oracle.

January 2013

Article (in Russian)
Origami: What One Can Get via Paper Folding


  • Refresher in Matrix Analysis and Numerical Optimization
    Universite Grenoble Alpes -- Master 2 MSIAM/MOSIG/etc.
    Reminder in Matrix analysis and optimization.
    • Syllabus and Exercices: [PDF]
    • Handwritten solutions:
    • Notebooks: on GitHub of F. IUTZELER
      • Chap 1: Python and NumPy Basics (look at that part before the practical sessions)
      • Chap 2-1: Matrix Part (Wed. AM)
      • Chap 2-2: Optimization Part (Fri. AM)
  • Convex and Distributed Optimization
    Universite Grenoble Alpes -- Master 2 MSIAM/MOSIG(EN).
    Incremental and Stochastic Optimization for Learning, Spark, Distributed Optimization.
  • E-mail:

    My office address is:
    Laboratoire Jean Kuntzmann
    Batiment IMAG - Bureau 132 - Domaine Universitaire
    38400, Saint Martin d'Hères, FRANCE